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Posting Jobs to Jobtube.

All job postings from new advertisers are screened and must be authorised by Jobtube.

Some examples of unacceptable Jobtube job postings

  • jobs in a non-UK location
  • jobs with bad spelling, entered predominantly in UPPER CASE or generally unprofessional
  • affiliate or MLM schemes; including "work from home" opportunities
  • promotion of Business opportunities or anything similar
  • home data entry, envelope filling or similar schemes
  • advertising of self-employed positions for which applicants have to pay a fee, for example Citisolutions
  • commission-only positions; for example Avon
  • offering of services, eg CV writing
  • anything that requires the applicant to provide a photograph
  • modelling, escorts, or anything to do with pornography
  • posting of multiple copies of the same or very similar job - whether in the same place or all over the country

  • Jobtube reserves the right to refuse or delete any job advertisement, for whatever reason, without warning or explanation

  • Advertisers that frequently flout these rules will be deprecated in all of Jobtube's search listings; this tends to result in a 90% reduction in the number of visitors to that advertiser's jobs
  • Jobtube offers optional Prestige Points that can promote jobs to the top of search lists. Purchasing Prestige Points and applying them to a job will not exempt it from deletion if it is not acceptable. Purchasing Prestige Points before you have authorised jobs to promote is done entirely at your own risk.

  • Jobtube is freely available for you to use as a job posting space. But we do not hold your hand. If you find that you are unable to use Jobtube to post vacancies without asking for help, perhaps you would benefit from a more expensive solution for your job posting needs! We are not completely without mercy; we can be helpful, but please don't ask questions like "How do I post a job?!"

    Jobtube reserves the right to change the information in this Posting Jobs to Jobtube section at any time

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